The Chronic Rift Podcast

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The Chronic Rift Podcast was the first of the many programs produced by the network.  Based on the popular New York public access show of the 90's, the podcast broadens the original science fiction/fantasy forcus to that of all things pop culture.

The podcast is hosted by public access show creator John S. Drew, an educator, writer, and lover of all things television.  Each week, the podcast features news, reviews, and interviews on the latest in pop culture phenomenon.

There are four versions of the show.  They are:

ROUNDTABLE - Once a month, a group of fans and professionals alike gather to discuss an aspect of pop culture.

IN REVIEW - Once a month, John and Rift regular Keith DeCandido discuss all aspects of the pop culture universe with other members of the Rift Network.

SPOTLIGHT - Twice a month, interviews and special episodes are the focus of the spotlight.  Specials include our annual music show, Match Game tribute episode, audio drama, and holiday show.

POST MORTEM AFTER PARTY - (returning in 2012)  Some of the best conversations on the show occur after the show has been recorded.  John, Keith, and guests of the show, keep the party going with discussion on other aspects of pop culture.





20th Anniversary of Mystery Science Theater 3000
45th Anniversary of Doctor Who
Ahead to the Past - Time Travel in Sci-Fi TV and Movies
Battlestar Galactica Universe Evolution
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Bionic Series (part 1)
Bionic Series (part 2)
DC Comics 52
Deep Space Nine
The Evolution of Horror
The James Bond Series
Live Action Role Playing Games
Media Tie-Ins - Legitimate Literature or Canon Fodder?
Mormonisn in Science Fiction
Planet of the Apes
Podcasting from Farpoint
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Superheroes on the Screen
Vampocalypse from DragonCon 2012
Violence in Movies
What is the Rift?



Audio Drama: Meltdown
Diana Botsford on Epilogue
Greg Cox
Holiday Episode 2011
John J. Ordover
Justin Macumber
Listener Responce
Marc Scott Zicree
Marianne Modica
Match Game 2012
Michael Curtis
Music from the Rift 2011
Music from the Rift 2012
Somebody's Hero
Star Trek Vanguard
Summer Blockbusters
Summer Movie Alternatives
TSR Games
Viral Roundtable Interview
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