The Chronic Rift Classic

John S. Drew's picture

In 1990, Chronic Rift creator John S. Drew approached Keith R.A. DeCandido in taking part in an exotic "resume stuffer" by being a co-host of a public access show on science fiction and fantasy that Drew was going to produce.  Along with Judith Furnari, DeCandido hosted six episodes.  They were having so much fun, they decided to keep going until they couldn't afford the $100 a week studio time per episode.

During that first year, Keith became a lynchpin to the operation with his ability to bring in sponsors and guests for the show.  The former allowed the show to last for three and a half season.  The latter saw people such as George Takei, Kenneth Johnson, Patricia Kenealy, Peter David, and Marion Zimmer Bradley step in front of our cameras.  Andrea Lipinski would replace Furnari halfway through the first year.

For four years, the show featured news, reviews, and interviews about the various forms of the genre.  Roundtable discussions featured included the fantasy of Shakespeare, The Society for Creative Anachronism, Japanese Animation, and Isaac Asimov.

The shows are released each Friday as they originally aired on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network.