The Chronic Rift: Spotlight - The 2008 Roundtable Awards

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The best of 2008 as determined by our listeners.  What's on the money?  What's so far off the mark?  Take a moment to comment on the episode here and don't forget to rate it here.

It's an Honor to Be Nominated

Curse you podshock!  I take this as a personal affront to the dignity of Pseudo-Canadians everywhere!

Okay, just kidding.

Congrats to Podshock, a show I've become a quick fan of.  We lost, but at least we lost to a show the calibre of Doctor Who Podshock.

At least we didn't lose to that Chronic Rift show ... I couldn't handle that ...

Thanks again!

Thanks again

Thanks again for awarding our little podcast, Doctor Who: Podshock as Best Podcast in The Chronic Rift 2008 Roundtable Awards.

Thank You!

So I'm listening to the podcast in my cubicle at work, and I get to the part where John Drew announces that the Chronic Rift has chosen "Decisions" as the winner of the audio play contest.


I had to control myself so I wouldn't jump up screaming. :-)


Thank you all.


(Oh, and the rest of the episode was good too.)

Michael A. Burstein

Simple and to the Point

Not exactly what I was expecting from an awards show, but you managed to keep the content varied enough to make it interesting. I was impressed that staff managed not to win anything although it looks like Keith is already lobbying for the media tie-in crowd for next year's award in his blog here. Does he ever talk about anything else but himself?

Looking forward to the Ellen Datlow interview.