Cyborgs-A Bionic Podcast: "The Pal-Mir Escort"

Steve must escort the prime minister of a small Middle Eastern country cross-country to the OSI research facility in Tennessee.  There, she will undergo bionic heart transplant surgery.  But there are forces conspiring to see her dead so that she cannot go through with her plans for peace with the rebel faction of her country. Joining John and Paul is webmaster, Alex Green. Comment on the episode here or write or call 888-866-9010 or better still use the "Send Voicemail" tab on the left of the page to leave a message via your computer.  Take a moment to rate the episode by using our star system at the bottom of this entry.


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Alex Green was born in San Diego where he has lived his whole life, rarely venturing outside the safe confines of Southern California. Growing up, his parents tried to persuade him that the funny man running in slow motion on the television wasn't worth watching, but he knew better.  He knew much, much better.

A lifelong fan of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, Alex hadn't been an adult for very long (some would say he still isn't) when he started making several trips a month up to Los Angeles to attend toy and collectibles shows in order to amass a huge collection of Bionic memorabilia. A vast collection that he no longer possesses due to an accident involving a pencil, a rabid weasel and a rapidly descending elevator (Actually, the advent of eBay in the late 90's took the thrill of the hunt out of it for him, so he gave it up).

Currently working out of his modest two-bedroom apartment (or twelve-bedroom mansion as he refers to it when describing his digs to designer and the webmaster of The Six Million Dollar Blog, the newest Bionic site on the web except for all the others that have come after.

He hopes one day to meet his hero Lee Majors in person and his biggest regret in life is that he no longer fits into his Six Million Dollar Man jammies.

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