Classic: Religion in Science Fiction (repost)

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Keith and Andrea return with the first of several new episodes.  This one was aired live from the ELA Studios in Manhattan.  The Roundtable discussion featured authors James Morrow and Thomas M. Disch as they discussed religion in science fiction.  We also reveal the nominations for that year's Roundtable Awards.  Plus, Keith Reviews, Twenty Nude Dancers: Year Two by Mark Martin and Jim Frenkel is back, taking a look at two new books, The Grail of Hearts by Susan Shwartz and The Summer Queen by Joan D. Vinge.

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Trivia Notes: This episode had to be edited for the repeat showings to remove some objectionable contents that unfortunately went out live.  It's the nature of the beast.  This is a repost of the episode with corrected audio track.

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Original Airdate: January 27, 2012


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Yeah, I figured it was most likely something like that.  Gads.  I guess it goes to show that poor behavior shielded by anonymity wasn't invented by the internet.

Objectionable Content?

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You can't just say that and leave me hanging!  ;)  Were these things that phone-in callers said, or comments made in the studio?


John S. Drew's picture was someone who called in and made a homophobic remark to Tom Disch.  He took it well though.  It was the point where he asked the caller, "Do I know you personally?"

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"What?  Too much?"