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Generations Geek is a family-friendly celebration of geekdom by a father/daughter crime-fighting duo. Okay, perhaps they don’t fight crime, but they are two generations of geek.
Scott Pearson has been a dedicated geek since he was in the second grade and started watching Star Trek reruns on his grandma’s black-and-white television. His daughter followed in his footsteps when Scott showed her the animated Trek after she asked what this Star Trek thing was that he was always talking about.

Beyond those Trek beginnings, they share a love of Ray Harryhausen movies, The Lord of the Rings, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Doctor Who, Monty Python, Captain Scarlet, and many other geeky things too numerous to mention.
In every monthly episode they talk about stuff like books, movies, comics, games, and any other geeky thing they think of.


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Episode One: Rise of the Planet of the Geek
(movie previews, E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Trek)

Episode Two: The Hound of the Geeks
(Sherlock Holmes)

Episode Three: War of the Geeks
(Star Wars, X-Box, Fluxx)

Episode Four: The Day the Geek Stood Still
(Star Wars, The Hobbit, Firefly)

Episode Five: Forbidden Geek
(Interview with author Una McCormick, Part One)

Episode Six: Night of the Living Geeks
(Interview with author Una Mccormick, Part Two)

Episode Seven: King Geek
(King Kong)

Episode Eight: Destination Geek
(Interview with astronaut with Thomas D. Jones)

Episode Nine: Into Geekness
(a look at JJ Abrahms Star Trek Into Darkness)


Episode Ten (coming in June)