The Cardboard Jungle

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The Cardboard Jungle is a podcast all about tabletop gaming hosted by a trio of gaming friends, Anthony Racano,  Paul Leoncavallo, and Matt Soares. We hope to give our own spin on board and card games along with some input from our bullpen of contributors. Our goal is to promote the hobby and those individuals who make it up, including designers, publishers, retailers, conventions and other podcasters and bloggers. We love gaming becasue of all of you and we want give you your proper credit.  Check out more at our homepage.



Episode One: Welcome to the Jungle
Episode Two: Better Late than Pregnant
Episode Three: The Kids are Alright
Episode Four: They Make Fun!
Episode Five: 4, 3, 2, 1!
Episode Six: Come Together
Episode Seven: Legend of the Firefly
Episode Eight: Kickstart My Heart?
Episode Nine: Happy Thanks-gaming
Episode Ten: Deck the Halls
Episode Eleven: Game, Set, Matt
Episode Twelve: APPinionated
Episode Thirteen: Burke, Dirk & Jerk
Episode Fourteen: The Confusion Sets In...
Episode Fifteen: Our Pet Peeves
Episode Sixteen: Meeple are Meeple
Episode Seventeen: Exclusive Edition