The Weekly Podioplex: February 24, 2015


While 50 Shades of Grey may still be holding the top box office spot, the real news is what happened at the Oscars. Michael Falkner has this, the newest movie releases, and DVD releases on a new Weekly Podioplex.

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Weekly Podioplex Notes for February 24, 2015


Opening Clip: Focus

Box Office Report

Top Ten

#1 – Fifty Shades of Grey [Even]
#2 – Kingsman: The Secret Service [Even]
#3 – The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water [Even]
#4 – McFarland, USA
#5 – The DUFF

#6 – American Sniper [-2]


#7 – Hot Tub Time Machine 2
#8 – Jupiter Ascending [-3]
#9 – The Imitation Game [-2]
#10 – Paddington [-3]

(New Release) [Change]

Tops From the Past

2009 – Shutter Island
2004 – Diary of a Mad Black Woman
1994 – The Brady Bunch Movie
1984 – Beverly Hills Cop
1974 – The Towering Inferno

Box Office Premieres for the week of February 27th, 2015


Focus – [R]

The Lazarus Effect – [PG-13]


Maps to the Stars – [R]

‘71 – [R]

My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn – [NR]

Everly – [R]


Home Entertainment for the week of February 17th, 2015

New Releases on DVD and Blu-Ray

Big Hero 6 – [PG]

Whiplash – [R]

Horrible Bosses 2 – [R]

Beyond the Lights – [PG-13]

TV on DVD and Blu-Ray

Sons of Anarchy: Season Seven (2014)

Sons of Anarchy: The Complete Series (2008-2014)


Blu-Rays From the Past

Watership Down (1978) – [PG]

52 Pick-Up (1986) – [R]

Podcast Promos

Cyborgs: A Bionic Podcast

The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman were two of the most influential television programs of the 70's.  During the height of their popularity, Steve Austin (Lee Majors) and Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) would battle Fembots, Bigfoot, Venus Death Probes, deadly duplicates, foreign spies, and bitter cold to protect the United States' interests through the O.S.I. Every other Sunday, hosts John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson talk about one episode from either series in depth with another fan of the series.  The podcast looks at the episodes, the pilot movies, and the reunion movies covering them from synopsis to review to a look at the mythology of both series.


Quick Flicks

The 87th Annual Academy Awards


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Presenting the Transcription Feature: FIBBER MCGEE & MOLLY/DRAGNET


We lead off with Dragnet.  Jack Webb and Barton Yarborough star as Sergeants Joe Friday and Ben Romero, definitely two of L.A.’s finest.  This time they’re investigating a gang of con artists who prey on the relatives of the recently deceased.  Truly, there is no honor among thieves.  Then it’s a return to the gentle domestic comedy of Fibber McGee and Molly.  Fibber gets a lot more than he bargained for as he grows impatient for the latest issue of his favorite magazine to be delivered to 79 Wistful Vista.  The show had recently switched from a weekly program to daily, and we present this two-part tale back to back.




“The Big .38”

October 5, 1950


Fibber McGee and Molly

“40,000 Copies of Partly True”

“Unloading 40,000 Magazines”

April 22 & 23, 1954


Generations Geek: Episode 29 - The Battle of Three Movies


Episode 29, The Battle of Three Movies

Science fiction writer Scott Pearson (Star Trek: The Original Series: The More Things Change) and his daughter welcome back Kevin Lauderdale (host of the podcast It Has Come to My Attention) and his daughter to look back on Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit. Focusing on the third film, The Battle of Five Armies, they discuss how it compares with the first two, how it wrapped up the story, and how it fits into Jackson’s vision of Middle-earth.


Intro :30

A Quick Grading of All Three Movies 1:12

The Death of Smaug 5:30

The Battle of Dol Guldur 9:35

Did We Need Three Movies? 11:55

Where’s Bilbo? 16:15

Thorin, Bilbo, and the Arkenstone 18:05

The Battle of How Many Armies? 21:58

Were-worms? There worms! 24:00

Counting Armies 26:45

Battle Fatigue 29:26

Legolas is Bugs Bunny 31:56

Legolas and Tauriel and Kili 32:45

The Death of Kili 36:13

The Death of Fili 37:31

Billy Connolly 39:20

Pigs and Elks and Goats, Oh My 40:15

Thorin versus Azog 42:00

The Death of Thorin 42:45

The End of Middle-earth Movies 43:45

Alfrid: No, Just NO 48:22

Radagast and the Bunny Sled 54:35

Final Thoughts 55:17

Remake Dreams 59:23

The Shazam/Isis Podcast: Episode 1 - "The Joyriders"

A young man must figure out what to do when his friends insist on stealing cars and going on joy rides.

John and Richard sit down to discuss this first episode in the series.  They talk about the production values, the stunts, and the first use of the phrase, "Holy Moley!"  Plus, is Shazam! just a modern day Shakespeare story?

It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as

Moral: “It takes more courage to do what is right then to follow along with the crowd.”

Guest Cast

Lee Joe Casey...Rich

Ty Henderson...Kyle

Kerry MacLane...Chuck Wagner

Barry Miller...Mike




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Cyborgs - A Bionic Podcast: "Welcome Home, Jaime, Part Two"


"Lady Killer," Carlton Harris is back! But this time Jaime Sommers is ready for him! Devising a plan to expose his evil deeds once and for all, she must pretend to be his loyal ally, even if it means going deep undercover and severing her OSI lifeline. It's the Bionic Woman's first solo mission in "Welcome Home, Jaime Part II." Hosts John S. Drew and Paul K. Bisson welcome back Betsy Dodd of Bionic and James Sherrard of The Bionic Woman

Check out part one of this review here.

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Bionic Wiki entry

Bionic Blonde entry

James Sherrard is a first generation fan of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. A collector of all things Bionic as a child, his interest in the shows was reignited when the first Bionic reunion movie was produced in 1987.The following year he met stars Lindsay Wagner and Richard Anderson for the first time through Lindsay Wagner’s Official Fan Club. In 1998, James reworked the Bionic Woman episode guide booklet that he had produced for the club into The Bionic Woman Files website…the longest running Bionic Woman site on the web! Over the years, James has contributed his Bionic knowledge to various books, articles, websites, and television productions. He has also amassed an amazing collection of Bionic memorabilia, from common toys to one-of-a-kind production items. Most recently, James has contributed to the 2010 DVD releases of The Bionic Woman Season One and The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Collection. James resides in New York where he is employed by a non-profit organization.

From Betsy Dodd's page: 

Growing up in a one-TV household, I had 3 brothers who surrounded me in age—who often teased me for being a “sissy”—and who usually controlled the voting majority for which channel to watch. Back in the 70s, our whirling TV dial was pretty much destroyed because we fought over it so often. One night while the substitute pliers were pointed to their choice of The Six Million Dollar Man(again), suddenly there was OMG ...cue angelic chorus... Jaime Sommers, the world’s first Bionic Woman. Yes!!! Score one for us sissies! I was totally hooked. And the love story between Jaime and Steve was the best. Ever. But then they killed her the following week.

Why did I idolize Jaime Sommers so much? Just as the final season was being released on DVD in the fall of 2011, I stumbled onto some internet bionic fan forums and started posting these offbeat episode reviews. I’m not sure, but when some members encouraged me to go start my own blog, I think it may have been the equivalent of being politely shunned by the Bionic Amish community— puritans of the franchise. (Really, I’m kidding. They’re all fun people and super nice. And they even let me use electricity to sign onto the internet.) Once about ten years ago, I belonged to an online fan “cult” that was framed in a similar style of farcical humor about The X-Files, so to me, this is all a completely normal approach to a television drama.

These days, I am a freelance copywriter, graphic designer and video editor living in Tennessee. No, I am not a blonde, but I am threatening to become one soon if these little gray hairs don’t stop surfacing. I must confess I also did not actually keep a diary in the 70s, but wish now that I had, so I could remember the real reason why I missed so many episodes of my favorite 70s show. For now, I’m blaming my brothers. For everything.

The Chronic Rift Spotlight: Dan Starkey of DOCTOR WHO


The last of Krissy Myers recordings of Doctor Who actors and directors features actor Dan Starkey of the new series.  He discusses being a Sontaran and the possibility of a spinoff series for his character.

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The Batcave Podcast: Episode 34 - "The Puzzles are Coming/The Duo is Slumming"


Aired December 21/December 22, 1966

Maurice Evans is the new guest villain, The Puzzler.  Without even knowing the history of this story, one can see that this should have been a Riddler episode and there are many who feel the character is a poor replacement.  But as you'll see in this podcast, there is a lot to recommend Puzzler as a worthy adversary for the dynamic duo and as one of the better villains created solely for the series.

Of course, that's not to say this episode doesn't have its problems, that include determining if this is an established villain in the Batman 66 universe or someone entirely new, the proper definition of monopoly, and a crazed Santa Claus.

Joining John to time out the beats of this story is author, musician, and podcaster Keith R.A. DeCandido.


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Keith R.A. DeCandido is a writer, editor, musician, podcaster, curator, voice actor, and probably some other stuff, too, but he can't remember due to lack of sleep. In 2009, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, which means he never needs to achieve anything ever again.

He has written tie-in fiction in prose and comics form for more than twenty different universes ranging from TV shows (Star Trek,Farscape, Supernatural, Leverage, and many more) to movies (Cars, Serenity, Resident Evil, Kung Fu Panda), to games (World of Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons, StarCraft, Command and Conquer) to comic books (Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Silver Surfer). He is the author of the acclaimed Precinct series of fantasy police procedurals including Dragon Precinct, Unicorn Precinct, and Goblin Precinct, with 2013 seeing the release of Gryphon Precinct and Tales from Dragon Precinct, as well as a comic book and audios of all four novels.

Other recent work includes writing the monthly Farscape comic book with series creator Rockne S. O'Bannon; the SCPD novel The Case of the Claw, a novel about cops in a city filled with superheroes; the Leverage novel The Zoo Job; the comic book miniseries The Fallen; the short-story collection Ragnarok and Roll: Tales of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet, urban fantasy stories taking place in Key West; and short stories in the anthologies Apocalypse 13, Bad-Ass Faeries: It's Elemental, Defending the Future: Best Laid Plans, Liar Liar, More Tales of Zorro, Star Trek: Seven Deadly Sins, and Tales from the House Band Vols. 1 & 2. He has also contributed to several shard worlds: Steven Savile's Viral (the novella -30-), Aaron Rosenberg & David Niall Wilson's The Scattered Earth (the novel Guilt in Innocence), and Jonathan Maberry's V-Wars (the story "The Ballad of Big Charlie").

Keith is also a longtime editor. He was the supervising editor of the Marvel novels published by Penguin Putnam from 1994-2000 and the monthly series of Star Trek eBook originals published by Simon & Schuster from 2000-2008. His anthology credits range from Imaginings and Liar Liar to the Doctor Who: Short Trips anthology The Quality of Leadership to the Star Trek anthologies New Frontier: No Limits, Tales from the Captain's Table, and Tales of the Dominion War. Currently he edits for clients both personal and corporate via KRADitorial.

Keith is a musician, once the percussionist for the Don't Quit Your Day Job Players (musical guests of Dragon*Con in 1998), currently the percussionist of sometime D*C filk guests the Boogie Knights. His work can be heard on the DQYDJP CDs TKB and Blues Spoken Here and the BK CDs Many a Sleepless Knight and Wasted Days, Wasted Knights.

Of late, Keith has become a serious podcaster -- he's part of the staff of The Chronic Rift, a pop-culture podcast, and has his own 'cast, Dead Kitchen Radio. He also provides voices for the audio dramas The Dome, Gypsy Cove, and the Parsec Award-winning HG World.

On top of all this, Keith is a black belt in Kenshikai karate and a devoted fan of the New York Yankees (in fact, he co-edited the 2013 Yankees Annual for Lindy's Magazines). He lives in New York City with a couple of humans and several animals. Find out less as his cheerfully retro web site of, which provides links to his Facebook page, his Twitter feed, his blog, his podcasts, and many and varied other things that probably sound cooler than they actually are.

The HTD Express: #26 - Blood Red Turns Dollar Green: An Interview With Paul O’Brien


Here's how Tim describes this episode:

"Blood Red Turns Dollar Green” is a trilogy of books that takes place during the 1970’s and 1980’s as the world of pro-wrestling and pop culture in general went through dramatic sea changes. In those days, pro-wrestling was a world highly protective of its secrets convincing their audience it was a legitimate sport. Paul has masterfully created a bevy of three dimensional characters in a world driven by deception and where greed pushes some people to the most horrible crimes.

Wrestling icons such as Mick Foley, Bret Hart, Jim Ross and William Regal have proudly endorsed this series. However, this novel is not just for wrestling fans as it will open the eyes of people unfamiliar with that world but love a gritty crime story. Paul has become an international hit because he wrote honestly about one of his passions. A great listen for those to endeavor to do the same. Enjoy.



Purchase Blood Red Turns Dollar Green
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

Paul's Website

Paul's Twitter

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SciFi Diner: Ep. 242 – Our Interview with Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13

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A 2012 Parsec Finalist

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Tonights Diners: Scott, Miles, and M

Welcome to the Diner

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Tonight's Menu

In this episode, we talk about Padme moments.  We need you, our listeners, to send us yours.  Listen to the episode to find out more.

Eddie McClintock

McClintock was born in North Canton, Ohio, the son of Theodore “Ted” McClintock. He married Lynn Sanchez in 2005, and they have two sons, Jack and Max. McClintock graduated with a degree in communications from Wright State University in Dayton and also studied design in college. In 2007, he designed the album artwork for “V is for Vagina” and currently sells some of his artwork on his personal website. A wrestler and later a production assistant, he subsequently took up acting and was nearly 30 before he appeared in major roles. Career To date, McClintock has appeared in ten pilots, starred in five network series, worked on several TV movies, and made well over 45 guest appearances on more than 25 different shows. He was a cast member on the television sitcom Stark Raving Mad from 1999 to 2000 with Tony Shalhoub and Neil Patrick Harris, which won the People’s Choice Award  but later was cancelled. In 2006, he appeared on Desperate Housewives as Frank, the father of Gabrielle and Carlos’ adoptive baby. He appeared as Special Agent Tim Sullivan in four episodes of Bones in 2007. He has also guest-starred on Sex and the City, My Boys, Felicity, Friends, Ned and Stacey, Less than Perfect, Better off Ted, The King of Queens and other less-successful television shows like B.S. (Boarding School), A.U.S.A., Crumbs with Fred Savage, and Say Uncle with Teri Hatcher and Ken Olin. He is best known for his role in Syfy’s Warehouse 13. BuddyTV ranked him number eight-two on its list of “TV’s Sexiest Men of 2011″.

The Dan & Travis Show: Episode 057


Show 057 sees Dan & Travis chat ‪‎SNL40‬ with Julien. Plus, more bats, more clickbait, more robots, and the "Anti-Brakers". All new! Subscribe today and tell 1000 friends!

Check out all the fun of past episodes by visiting them on the web.



  • The Tom Jackson/Johan Santana Show!
  • Clickbait = WOTY Finalist for ’15 or ‘16
  • Duped by thumbnails, but boy are they hot!
  • Save me from Saved By The Bell already
  • Bats bite Ozzy back (figuratively), rehoming imminent
  • Dan: The Man – Special Edition – DAN IN THE MAN




  • As SNL gears up for its 40th anniversary, we discuss cast member rankings, the best Update anchors, Lorne Michaels, and a few extra things! #SNL40




  • Pork Pants Pilferer
  • Invisible Boyfriend, who lives in Canada and it totally real
  • NSFL Robot (Not Safe For Life)




  • The “Anti-Braker” Movement



HTD EXPRESS – Subscribers! Look for The Handsome Timmy D Express in your feed! Tim will interview creative folks in the entertainment industry about their process.  Free with your Dan & Travis Show subscription!

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Tyreese lets his guard down one time too many as we rejoin Season 5 of THE WALKING DEAD in this hallucinatory midseason premiere! As we bid farewell to the man with the hammer, we caution you: Obviously we love the show and we love zombies, but you can’t be a true fan without calling them as you see them; so brace yourselves. Join Arnold and Scott as they talk about what happened and what’s going on – what was good, what wasn’t so good, and what sort of grade does the Doctor thinks the episode deserves?

Show Music: “Bitter Pill” (feat. Vosmoy) by Still Pluto.

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“Zombie Apocalypse Party” from Miles Spencer@ROCKFUSIONMUSIC (Free)





The Chronic Rift Roundtable: DragonCon 2014 - DOCTOR WHO Q&A


We continue with our quest to bring you 52 new episodes of the Rift for the year 2015.  This time around, Keith sits with this panel from the DragonCon British Media Track.  The topic is a Doctor Who Q&A.  Any and all questions were taken and some form of answer was given.

The panelists include:

WCRS Radio Stage: "A Matter of Life and Death"


Welcome to a new audio drama anthology series here on The Chronic Rift Network!  David Binkley is the producer and director of the WCRS Radio Stage program.  He has always loved old radio dramas so in 2000 when Written Communications Radio Service, a radio reading service for the blind, took their studios to digital he started preparing scripts that could relive those thrilling days of yesteryear. He assembled friends and volunteers and they laid down the voice tracks with sound effects and music inserted in post production.

The thought was to produce a half hour drama a month.  An ambitious goal considering that there was NEVER a regular radio drama series EVER broadcast out of Akron, Ohio.  Over the next twenty-four months they were able to produce twenty-two stories,  After that they put together an occasional story - mostly at Christmas.

The Chronic Rift Network is pleased to present these episodes, one a month for your listening pleasure.  You will hear mysteries, horror stories, Christmas tales, science fiction, and more.  In addition, our own John S. Drew contributed stories to the series.  Listen for his "The Old Curiosity Shop" and "Justin Case: Private Investigator" in the coming months.

For our second installment, we present "A Matter of Life and Death" by David Binkley.  When Mercy's mother has a heart attack, it brings out all sorts of questions regarding the life one leads and how one chooses to live it.  It all leads to the ultimate question that many of us face in our lifetime.



The team behind the new Maryland-based DOCTOR WHO convention, (RE)GENERATION WHO, join Scott and Arnold for a chat about how to bring an event together when you have all of time and space as your subject!

Show Music: Rory Hoy’s 50 Years Of Time And Space Mix

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(Re)Generation Who

(Re)Generation Who on Facebook

Intervention 6


The Chronic Rift In Review: Emperor Gordon of Gotham


As part of our commitment to bring you 52 episodes of The Rift this year, here's the first of our monthly In Review episodes!  John is joined by Keith DeCandido and Michael Falkner to ramble on about the latest in pop culture happenings and to opine on them.  There's more convention news from Keith, progression on Mike's Doctor Who watch and great enthusiasm for Marvel Phase 1 from John.  Plus, there's reviews of the latest on television and the Flopcast podcast and much more.  Take a listen and take a moment to chime in with your thoughts on what we're talking about.

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Segment One: Bringing it to the Table

2:10 - Keith is the author guest of honor at GalaxyFest.

5:00 - Michael is reaching the end of his run on William Hartnell for his Classic Doctor Who Watch and talks about his appreciation for William Hartnell and Jackie Lane.

13:30 - John loves his Marvel Phase 1 Blu-Ray movie collection.  Click the image to get your copy of these great films via Amazon and help support the podcast.

20:58 - Promo for the Handsome Timmy D Express podcast.


Segment Two: Reviews

23:45 - Keith reviews a collection of current TV offerings - The Librarians, Rizzoli and Isles, Major Crimes, The Big Bang Theory, and Gotham. Plus, Keith is thrilled that The Venture Bros. is back.

35:30 - John shares the love that is The Flopcast.

38:50 - Promo for the Generations Geek Podcast.

59:45 - Promo for The Weekly Podioplex Podcast.

Segment Three: Pop Tops

41:00 - We discuss:

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